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The amount of inner abundance and outer abundance that
happens in your life is directly proportional to
the abundant vibrant energy of the root chakra you carry with you.

abundance manifestation

Someone asked me: How does meditation provide real peace?

I said: Let’s say, for example, cleanliness is inspiring to you and
so you go to a big store, get hold of the sales rep and
ask her that you are looking to buy 50 pounds of cleanliness.
The rep tells you: well, we don’t sell cleanliness, we sell vacuum cleaners.
You vacuum your floors and when all the dust is clear,
what you see is cleanliness.
You don’t have to buy cleanliness from outside.
The reality is, you cannot buy cleanliness.

The same way, a meditation technique can help you clear
your thoughts and unnecessary vibrations and
when the “unnecessary” vacuumed out of you,
you notice the “necessary.”
This is meditation.
Externally this appears as peace.
Of course, there are many techniques for cleansing within.

When you have the courage
to let go of the useless
You create space for something useful.

When you have the imagination
to let go of the meaningless
You create space for something meaningful.

When you have the passion
to let go of the non-essential
You create space for something essential.

useful, meaningful, and essential

Peace is not just woo-woo new age concept,
hugging a tree and sitting on the beach.
Of course, that’s peace too.
So exactly what am I saying!
Real peace is – Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit all taken care.
Real peace happens at nine levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual,
Financial, Occupational, Psychic and Karmic.
Or to make life simpler, this is what I have to say:

Peace in the heart!
Power in the Belly!!
Cash in the Pocket!!!

That’s it.
heart centered zen You are a Happy Camper.

Alpha and the Omega.
Earth and the Sky.
Yin and Yang.

The Right Balance. The right Inner Music.
Welcome to the world of Heart-Centered Zen!!!

There’s an Indian story

An old farmer had four sons.
They were always quarreling with each other.
The farmer tried hard to bring unity among them,
but they would never listen to his advice.
He was apprehensive about their future.

One day, the old farmer fell sick,
and he decided to bring unity among his sons.
He called his sons and asked them to bring a few sticks.
They brought the sticks.
The farmer asked the eldest son to tie them in a bundle.
He then asked them to try their strength to break it.

healing unity

Each of the sons tried to break the bundle but failed.
Then the farmer untied the bundle and
gave one stick to each and asked them to break it.
Each of them was able to do it easily.

The farmer said, “Now you understand.
If you are united, nobody can disempower you.
But you keep quarreling; anyone can break you.”

It is known, the human mind emits around 48 to 52 thought impulses per minute.
Per day it accounts for thousands and
Per month, per year it would estimate for in millions.
The collective energy of so much thinking,
we call Thought Power or Mental Power.
Most humans lose this energy unaware of thinking ( and talking ) too much.

The mind is a big noise created by many unconscious internal fragments.
One part says yes, and the other immediately says No.
Sometimes the mind is pulled in many different directions.
One part of the mind is moving north and other south.
Of course, it creates lots of confusion and constant chaos.
All these parts integrated as one is Meditation.
To be internally in one piece is a pathway for internal peace.

peace is not enough

Bills are needed to be paid and
rent has to be managed and
shopping is fun too.
Real peace happens
when the needs of Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit are cared.

rich inside and outside

I have seen many amazing artists who cannot afford paint and
then there are wealthy who have not tasted internal harmony yet.
Can we create a certain harmony and have the best of both the worlds? YES!!!
This process of integration fascinates me.
It’s very magical. I have seen and tasted this magic.
The state that creates this integration is what I call Heart-centered Zen.

To be able to attract this state where
your mind, body, soul, and spirit are all taken care,
is a state of Centered Transcendence.
And in this state of Centered Transcendence,
one can take a giant flight
in the sky of super consciousness.

Zen is Clarity.
Zen is a ferocious state of presence in the Now.

What is Heart Centered Zen?

It’s a State of grace,
State of abundance,
State of effortless manifestation.

Peace in the heart!
Power in the Belly!!
Cash in the Pocket!!!

This combination creates a state that magically manifests abundance.
So much more beyond your wildest dreams.
This state becomes a launching pad to rise higher and higher in the spiritual realms.

Some friends may ask:
First, how to get cash in the pocket?
Remember, cash was the third point.
The first is peace in the heart and the body and
The second is being centered.
With these two necessary conditions met
In my experience cash follows.

To be able to fly high in the sky of consciousness,
Being centered is a way.
Being grounded is a way.


“If you are celebrating life, Fantastic!!! It’s Your thing.
If you are dead, it’s Somebody else’s problem.
If you are hanging in between, being centered is a way.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Being centered is our ability to contain, to have and to hold.
Being Centered is a process of dynamic contact with the earth.


Not many can hold “Good energy.”
I have seen, many people who struggle
Have a fantastic ability to hold crap or call it negative energy.

What does crap mean?
It means the person is losing more energy or is depleted.
In my experience, a tired mind, a tired body can’t accomplish much.
So, crap is nothing but a deficiency of good energy.

Based on the Chakra Healing model,
The first chakra is located at the base of the spine.
The second chakra is located 2 inches below the belly button.

The first chakra can only generate energy. It cannot hold energy.
The head can only spend energy. It cannot generate energy.
The lower stomach, the second chakra can hold energy.

Abundance Manifestation Technique

Breath, reaching to your second chakra,
Your personal power activation space.
Slow, Smooth, Deep, Relaxed.


Ancient Sciences of Yoga and Pranayama offers
Amazing chakra wisdom towards developing psychic abilities.

right breathing

You develop more and more capacity to hold energy.
The more energy your system can hold,
The more magnetic you become.
And the more magnetic you become,
The more blissful graceful effortlessness.

And in this blissful state,
you are always in a sharing space,
where “Miracles” are a “Normal” way of life.

Chakra Healing Balancing with Satish

Cleansing Balancing Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

chakra energy healing in Los Angeles

Crown Chakra Third Eye Chakra Throat Chakra Heart Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Sacral Chakra Root Chakra To learn more, click on the related chakra above

abundance manifestation Los Angeles

Quantum physics have validated the fact that
everything in the universe is created from energy and
the various forms of energy are inter-convertible.
The mystics and healers of India, China, Tibet already knew
this secret - mind power to manifest and heal, thousands of years ago.

Now it's your turn to use the ancient wisdom for your personal growth.

How many thoughts do you think each day?
How many of these thoughts manifest and bring abundance to you?

experience is the way

It's time to discover
the healing power of your Thought Energy...Now
to minimize the steps and the time needed
to achieve your goals.

The creative process of
Maximising Daily Progress Energy
reaching New Frontiers

Abundance manifestation in Los Angeles

Breathe internal abundance to
manifest external abundance
Learn abundance activation centers
in your body
Master peaceful and graceful ways
of welcoming good things in your life
Ensure your chakras are
vibrant, bright and balanced
Discover new life directions
Celebrate being 'Here and Now'
Align with your highest potential
Accomplish richer relationships
Dissolve your negative beliefs
Connect with your Playfulness
Erase painful re-occurring patterns
in your life
Heal emotional disturbance
from your energy field
Enhance your emotional intelligence
Develop your spiritual path
Become aware of your emotion map
Clear energy from your throat chakra
Open to your heart chakra
Deeply relax your mind and body
Experience emotional abundance
Let go of non-supportive energy

Nourishing Nurturing Mind-Body Integration for Life Celebration
as your Conscious and the UnConscious Resources align.
Your body is super intelligent.
Let wisdom of the body intelligence be your guide.

body intelligence

Mind is that part of your body that you cannot see.
Body is that part of your mind that you can see.
Chakra Energy Healing creates harmony between body-mind.

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish Quote

“Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.
If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?
"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."
Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.
Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch
with your true potential”

“Your gut, your stomach is the most accurate psychic on this planet.
The challenge is to connect with this accuracy within...
My goal is to awaken the psychic within you.
And when the inner psychic and inner healer are awakened,
for the first time you become aware of your vast potential.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Chakra Energy Healing with Satish in Los Angeles

Healing is an invitation to discover glamour within

We invite you to experience the magic of chakra healing
in all areas of your life - an entirely new way of solving challenges.
Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health.

The amount of Good luck that happens in your life is
directly proportional to
the Playful Energy that you carry with you

open chakras

Inner Cosmos chakra energy healing combined with NLP
Activate your body's natural healing systems
that create a cocoon of bliss around you strengthening your auric field.
Increased personal magnetism generates fantastic results for you.

from the first chakra to seventh good vibrations

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual
challenges are the by-products of
Congestion, depletion, and imbalance of energy.

Clearing and Cleansing
the non-supportive energy from your energy field,
Cleaning your aura and the chakras,
leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated,
and that is just the start....

As a spectrum of Inner Cosmos energy healing processes work for you
your aura and chakras are energized.
You feel centered, grounded and very peaceful
as a bio-magnetic amplification attracts
higher frequencies of energy at all levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual.

Inner Cosmos chakra healing offers you an 'Instant energy lift'
that you feel immediately as we begin the session.

Perhaps visiting our website, you are reminded that
You have given a lot of yourself in this lifetime
And now it's time to relax, bring your mind back to center and
Receive a deep and refreshing Chakra Healing Session.

healing hands

relaxing refreshing healing session

Satish allows you to empty all the unnecessary stuff,
leaving room for miracles to appear.


Mind is that part of your body that you cannot see
Body is that part of your mind that you can see.
Chakra Energy Healing creates harmony between body-mind.

Manifest abundance of inner magnetism

Within each one of us lies the Source...the Core Light...
the Ocean of Existence.

One drop from this Ocean and Our cup is filled,
One spark of this Light and Our cells ignite with
the Fire of Purification.
Inner Harmony resonates throughout Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Re-awakening the Healing Light within
We enter into Realm of All Possibilities.

If you have ever said to yourself
"There must be a better way!"

Please read on...

The magic and the beauty of chakra healing sessions with Satish
will help you feel more vibrantly alive,
have more energy and open your senses
perhaps for the first time ever
to the living force that resides in the inner depths of your Core Being.
Rediscovering the golden light within is a joyous experience.

Chakra Healing is an experience

It does not matter what you do for a living.
Chakra Energy Healing with Satish will help you
activate your body's natural healing process
that will transform the quality of your life and
radiate beauty to everyone who sees you.

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time for energy alignment.

pain healing

What you have always suspected is true

experience is the way

Parents, teachers, authors and self-serving gurus and experts
have been efficiently keeping you in the dark
about what it takes to have health and harmony in your body.

And the shocking truth is this :
Most of them don't know answers themselves
because they were misled by their parents and teachers before them.

The one mystical key to unlocking your full potential is
your vibrational energy.
Every thought, every emotion, every belief transmits
a measurable vibrational frequency.
Clarity vibrates at the highest frequency.

From desire to thought to idea to planning to execution
Many factors influence your results.

Your core ability to see clearly, feel clear and hear clearly
that enables you to think clearly
is the most critical ingredient
that creates the difference that makes the difference in your life.

Cleansing Balancing Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

forgotten art of healing

Stop and See

Life is full of bliss.
Ordinarily, we do not have the eyes to see this.
And so, we are deprived of it.
But this seeing can be created.
Perhaps it is not correct to say it can be created.
It is already there.
It is only a matter of opening the eyes.
And then - Everything changes.

Life is known only through living and
Truth is known only through going deep within.

It is through the grace of the divine that you are working towards
the discovery of your inner light.

The light is probably there and
Once it is met, all darkness in life disappears.

Chakra Healing is an experience

Flowering is the most profound possibility in everyone.
It only has to be uncovered.
As springs of water lie hidden under layers of earth,
so does bliss lie hidden within each of us.

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish Quote

“Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.
If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?
"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."
Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.
Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch
with your true potential”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

What does the seed know of its potential?
It is the same with you.
You do not know who you are and what you can be...your potential.
The seed, perhaps cannot look within.
But you can.

This looking within is called healing.
To know one's truth as it is, here and now, is healing.
Dive into it deeper and deeper.
There in the depths, all that is possible can be seen.
And once seen, it begins to happen.

Chakra Healing happens

The awareness of what is possible turns into a reality.
Like a seed stirred by a vision of it's potential...beginning to sprout.
Time, effort and energy - pour it all into your chakra healing
because chakra healing is the gateless gate
through which self becomes aware of itself.

inner voice

Each step taken within,
peels away the darkness layer by layer
unfolding a world of light in which everything is new.
This experience cuts away all the baggage and the burdens.
The unorganized energy becomes organized.
Your energy becomes integrated, centered and grounded.

unorganized energy becomes organized as you become integrated, centered and grounded.

Ultimately the thirsty pilgrim reaches the spring.
In fact, water is there before the thirst.

Some deep thirst has stirred you...
Some unknown shore has called you.
How long will you go on standing on the shore?
How much longer will you go about letting your energy sleep?

Chakra Healing is Not a Talk Therapy

Chakra Healing is the science of silence.
Silence does not mean an absence of speech.
It implies an absence of thoughts.
Nothing is left unsaid by silence.
Where words fail, silence is full of meaning.

Your mind is the only barrier

Chakra Healing happens

When the mind becomes silent, it becomes linked to the infinite and
you awaken the deepest levels of your consciousness.
Each mind creates a world of its own which exists nowhere.
During the day as well as the night the mind is swamped with dreams.
When the dreams become too much, too intense, insanity comes.
Chakra cleansing is a process to cleanse this mental insanity of thoughts.

The power to transform your life is
in your chakras

As you understand how your chakra system works,
and we balance, energize and heal each of your seven chakras,
your mind and body unwind, welcoming your spirit back to your body.
And you'll give back your gifts to the planet
when you are healthy and blissful.

At this time, being here on our beautiful planet,
You are at the threshold of
a great inner revolution.

Don't waste time in conflict. Lose no time in doubt.
Time can never be recovered.
And if you miss an opportunity,
it may take many lives before another comes your way again.

Inner Cosmos Chakra Balancing Cleansing in Los Angeles Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

healing light

Darkness in life disappears as the Healing Light appears

The power of healing is within you.
All that a healer can do is to remove the blocks and
clear cluttered energy clouds from the aura energy body,
so the energy of healing starts flowing.

love truth heart frozen

When the healer has stepped out from his ego,
and the seeker has stepped out from challenges and pain,
and in this healing space,
there is a harmonious energy transmission,
a dialogue happens in silence between healer and the seeker of health,
at that moment, between the two, healing occurs.
And if it happens, the healer will always know that
he was available only as a catalyst guide to channel a divine force,
receiving energy and information from other dimensions
for divine healing.
The healer will be as grateful for the experience as the seeker of health.

heart like sun

Healing happens in the presence of a healer

To be a healer is one of the most challenging things.
Because you need to know all the tools and the techniques,
when to use them and when not to use them and
in a way forget all the tools and techniques,
so that you can listen sincerely.
Entirely being in the present with sincere attention and intention
listening to the spoken words and the unspoken words, the gestures and
guided by the energy of the space between you and the client.
In this space, there are moments
when the patient/client also listens to his/her inner voice.
In these dynamics of hearing,
the presence of a healer, the aura, the inner light
guidance comes through, and healing happens.

Chakras are your doors and windows to the universe.
As the petals of your chakras open gracefully,
the love and the light of the universe flow into your life.
Where you experience -
You are a part of this universe.
You are connected.
This connection is magic.

This connection makes you
An excellent receiver of good quality positive energy of the universe.
To receive, two conditions need to be fulfilled.
a. Your cup is clean and empty
b. Your container is in a receiving position.

chakra cleansing

Everybody wants big things in their life,
better relationships, more money, more time, more freedom etc.
Authentic seekers do not run after these things.
Authentic seeker asks one question -
How can I be a clean vessel to hold good energy?
How can I be a bigger and a better vessel to receive good energy?
Universe will go out of it's way to fill your clean cup...
if you are in a receiving mode.

Become an excellent receiver doing
chakra cleansing and balancing at nine levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial,
Occupational, Psychic and Karmic.

Chakra healing empowers you from the inside out
to playfully and blissfully create everything you need and desire.

Chakra healing will show you how you can
fulfill your most treasured goals and desires.
Not by making window-dressing changes,
but by connecting with your core-being.

How do I find the right healer?

There are no right healers or wrong healers.
However there are healers and technicians.
Technicians are those who have learned a few techniques in some weekend class
or have read a book or something similar and apply the techniques.
The right techniques can certainly help a client feel good.
A true healer is very different from a technician.
If you simply want to feel good, any technician will do.
If you want to experience transformation, you'll have to find a true healer.
In fact, when you experience that humbleness -
and you are open and ready to ask for help,
then a true healer appears in your life.

Problems are simple.
Solutions are simple.

Just one has to get out of the mind to see this simplicity.
And then whatever is done by a healer,
in silence, in peace, in love, in joy, will be medicinal,
will be a soothing sharing of well-being and health.
Healer's presence is a healing force like a candle in the darkness.
An experience that will touch your soul.


Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

“I will hold the first three fingers of your right hand and
in 3 minutes tell you the blueprint of your energies...
Your blocks ... What stops you ... What will help ... and more.
Bring your questions
Why? When? What? Where? Who? How...
And receive chakra energy healing to help you
align with your highest potential.”

it's never as you think

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

If you want your tomorrows to be different than yesterdays,
Do something different Today.
Take a step towards your Next Level

healing blessings chakra healing gives you emotional health

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healing equals creating a better world

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