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The amount of Good Luck that happens in your life is directly proportional

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Chakra Healing gives you emotional health


Instant Energy Lift up to 21 times.


"During my first consultation with Satish, I felt as though I was really being heard. I felt as though I had been invited to tea by a close friend who wanted to help.

Through our conversation we isolated what it was that we were to focus on during the healing session of energy work. By keying into a specific memory, we located where I was holding this memory physically in my body, and then worked to release the pain from the body energetically.

I felt an immediate sense of freedom after my initial sessions with Satish. This healing has enabled me to grow to a new level of peacefulness with myself.

I would recommend anyone who carries pain and wants to let go of it to work with Satish"

Stephanie Leevan, Yoga teacher

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