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Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges


Chakra Healing Science says - when the energy body rebels 

at a wrong partnership in a relationship...

The result is divorce.


Sometimes divorce is avoidable and sometimes it's essential.

When marriage relationship has to end in a divorce,

there are lots of emotional turbulences in the energy body.


Emotional turbulences may bring pain in many ways.

Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Blame, Confusion, Depression, 

Loneliness, Loss, Fear, Guilt, Panic, Insecurity, Sadness etc...


The process of Divorce does not have to be painful.

There is a peaceful way.

The first step is to regain confidence and allow your spirit to shine.


Experience the Science of Energy Healing and NLP technologies with Satish

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant emotional health


See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time for a change.


Energy Healing and NLP for 

divorce support in Los Angeles


Dissolve your negative beliefs Connect with your Playfulness
Build meaningful relationships Heal your energy field
Prepare yourself for inner strength Increase health and harmony in your body
Learn how to live again worry free Understand real reason for divorce
Receive healing divorce support Organize your thoughts and feelings
Reduce the emotional effects of divorce Erase painful re-occurring patterns in your life
Create infinitely positive vibrations of compassion around you  Work through the pain of rejection and abandonment
Align with your highest potential Learn to be kind to yourself
Know the difference between thinking, feeling and being Forgive and release old resentments
Deeply relax your mind and body Find peace within yourself


All of this and much more is available to you right now !

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We invite you to experience the magic of chakra healing

in all areas of your life - a completely new way of solving challenges.

Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial

An alternative medicine approach to your radiant health.


The amount of Good luck that happens in your life is directly proportional

to the Playful Energy that you carry with you


Inner Cosmos chakra energy healing combined with NLP

Activate your body's natural healing systems

that create a cocoon of bliss around you strengthening your auric field.

Increased personal magnetism generates amazing results for you.


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual challenges are the by-products of

Congestion, depletion  and imbalance of energy.


Clearing and Cleansing the non-supportive energy from your energy field,

Cleaning your aura and the chakras,

leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated,

and that is just the start....


As a spectrum of Inner Cosmos energy healing processes work for you

your aura and chakras are energized.

You feel centered, grounded and very peaceful 

as a bio-magnetic amplification attracts 

higher frequencies of energy at all levels -

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual


Inner Cosmos chakra healing offers you an 'Instant energy lift'

that you feel immediately as we begin the session.


Perhaps visiting our website you are reminded that

You have given a lot of yourself in this lifetime

And now it's time to relax, bring your mind back to center and

Receive a deep and refreshing Chakra Healing Session.


"Satish allows you to empty all the unnecessary stuff, 

leaving room for miracles to appear."   C.R


Mind is that part of your body that you cannot see

Body is that part of your mind that you can see.

Chakra Energy Healing creates harmony between body-mind.


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Within each one of us lies the Source...the Core Light...

the Ocean of Existence.


One drop from this Ocean and Our cup is filled,

One spark of this Light and Our cells ignite with

the Fire of Purification.

Inner Harmony resonates throughout Mind, Body and Spirit.


Re-awakening the Healing Light within

We enter into Realm of All Possibilities.



If you have ever said to yourself

"There must be a better way!"


Please read on...


The magic and the beauty of chakra healing sessions with Satish will

help you feel more vibrantly alive, have more energy and open your senses

perhaps for the first time ever

to the living force that resides in the inner depths of your Core Being.

Rediscovering the golden light within is a joyous experience.


It does not matter what you do for a living.

Chakra Energy Healing with Satish will help you

activate your body's natural healing process that will

transform the quality of your life and

radiate beauty to everyone who sees you.

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time for energy alignment.

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What you have always suspected is true


Parents, teachers, authors and self-serving gurus and experts

have been efficiently keeping you in the dark

about what it takes to have health and harmony in your body.


And the shocking truth is this -

Most of them don't know answers themselves

because they were misled by their parents and teachers before them.


The one mystical key to unlocking your full potential is

your vibrational energy.

Every thought, every emotion, every belief transmits

a measurable vibrational frequency.

Clarity vibrates at the highest frequency.


From desire to thought to idea to planning to execution

there are many factors that influence your results.


Your core ability to see clearly, feel clearly and hear clearly

that enables you to think clearly

is the single most important ingredient

that creates the difference that makes the difference in your life.


Cleansing   Balancing   Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health


Stop and See


Life is full of bliss.

Ordinarily we do not have the eyes to see this.

And so, we are deprived of it.

But this seeing can be created.

Perhaps it is not correct to say it can be created.

It is already there.

It is only a matter of opening the eyes.

And then - Everything changes.


Life is known only through living and

Truth is known only through going deep within.


It is through the grace of the divine that you are working towards

discovery of your inner light.


The light is definitely there and

Once it is met, all darkness in life disappears.


Flowering is the deepest possibility in everyone.

It only has to be uncovered.

As springs of water lie hidden under layers of earth,

so does bliss lie hidden within each of us.


Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.

If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?

"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."

Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.

Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch with your true

potential  -  Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish 


What does the seed know of it's own potential?

It is the same with you.

You do not know who you are and what you can be...your potential.

The seed, perhaps cannot look within.

But you can.


This looking within is called healing.

To know one's truth as it is, here and now, is healing.

Dive into it deeper and deeper.

There in the depths, all that is possible can be clearly seen.

And once seen, it begins to happen.


The awareness of what is possible turns into a reality.

Like a seed stirred by a vision of it's potential...beginning to sprout.

Time, effort and energy - pour it all into your chakra healing

because chakra healing is the gateless gate

through which self becomes aware of itself.


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Each step taken within,

peels away the darkness layer by layer

unfolding a world of light in which everything is new.

This experience cuts away all the baggage and the burdens.

The unorganized energy becomes organized.

Your energy becomes integrated, centered and grounded.


Ultimately the thirsty pilgrim reaches the spring.

In fact water is there before the thirst.


Some deep thirst has stirred you...

Some unknown shore has called you.

How long will you go on standing on the shore?

How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep?


Chakra Healing is not a talk therapy


Chakra Healing is the science of silence.

Silence does not mean absence of speech, it means absence of thoughts.

Nothing is left unsaid by silence.

Where words fail, silence is full of meaning.


Your mind is the only barrier


When the mind becomes silent, it becomes linked to the infinite and

you awaken the deepest levels of your consciousness.

Each mind creates a world of it's own which exists nowhere.

During the day as well as the night the mind is swamped in dreams.

When the dreams become too much, too intense, insanity comes.

Chakra cleansing is a process to cleanse this inner insanity of thoughts.


The power to transform your life is

in your chakras


As you understand how your chakra system really works,

and we balance, energize and heal each of your seven chakras,

your mind and body unwinds, welcoming your spirit back to your body.

And you'll give back your gifts to the planet

when you are healthy and blissful.


At this time, being here on our beautiful planet,

You are at the threshold of a great inner revolution.


Don't waste time in conflict. Lose no time in doubt.

Time can never be recovered.

And if you miss an opportunity,

it may take many lives before another comes your way again.


Inner Cosmos Chakra Healing in Los Angeles

Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you

 An Alternative Medicine approach towards your radiant health


Chakra Healing awakens your inner light

Darkness disappears as the Light appears


If you really want your tomorrows to be different than yesterdays,

Do something different Today.

Take a step towards your Next Level


Chakra Healing gives you emotional health


Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges



New Holistic Standards of Excellence

You'll get results from the very first session


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