Chakra energy healing

Alternative Medicine in Los Angeles

Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges


Health is much more than just absence of sickness...

It's a positive energy in space and time.


Alternative Medicine in Los Angeles


Chakra Healing + Ancient Wisdom + Natural Choices

Can give you

Instant Energy Lift up to 21 times.


Complementary and Alternative Medicine approach 

towards your health care = Mind + Body + Soul + Spirit


Instant energy lift

Mind is one of the most fascinating tools.


Chakra Healing + NLP + Meditation 

are even more fascinating... when applying these tools,

You can go beyond mind...into the realms of true Freedom and radiance.


Vibrational Medicine energy healing experience


A Holistic Health and Wellness experience where

Mind merges into the heart...     Science merges into the art...

Logic merges into the love...     Height merges into the depth...

Energy merges into the matter..


It's the Ultimate Luxury of the human consciousness.


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Inner Cosmos Chakra Healing in Los Angeles

Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you

 An Alternative Medicine approach towards your radiant health


We invite you to experience the magic of chakra healing

in all areas of your life - a completely new way of solving challenges.

Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial

An alternative medicine approach to your radiant health.


The amount of Good luck that happens in your life is directly proportional

to the Playful Energy that you carry with you


Inner Cosmos chakra energy healing combined with NLP

Activate your body's natural healing systems

that create a cocoon of bliss around you strengthening your auric field.

Increased personal magnetism generates amazing results for you.


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual challenges are the by-products of

Congestion, depletion  and imbalance of energy.


Clearing and Cleansing the non-supportive energy from your energy field,

Cleaning your aura and the chakras,

leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated,

and that is just the start....


As a spectrum of Inner Cosmos energy healing processes work for you

your aura and chakras are energized.

You feel centered, grounded and very peaceful 

as a bio-magnetic amplification attracts 

higher frequencies of energy at all levels -

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual


Inner Cosmos chakra healing offers you an 'Instant energy lift'

that you feel immediately as we begin the session.


Perhaps visiting our website you are reminded that

You have given a lot of yourself in this lifetime

And now it's time to relax, bring your mind back to center and

Receive a deep and refreshing Chakra Healing Session.


Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing with Satish


Cleansing   Balancing   Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health


New Holistic Standards of Excellence

You'll get results from the very first session


Call Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish Now

to design a custom Chakra Healing plan for you


Los Angeles, California


We are located on the west side of Los Angeles, in Westwood, close to

Santa Monica, Brentwood, UCLA, Century City, Bel Air and Beverly Hills.


Call for directions from

Culver City, Venice, Playa Del Rey, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey,

Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Pasadena,

Studio City, Lakewood, Torrance, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach,

Redondo Beach, Silver Lake, Sherman Oaks, Palos Verdes.


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Inner Cosmos guarantees your satisfaction


Chakra Healing is not a substitute for medical care.

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